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Leadership Training

Seminars on management and tactics for executives. Parallels, with knowledge and experiences from nature directly into the business environment. Our programs are customized and personalized according to your company's needs and the potential of the participants. Experiential seminars for company executives aim to push participants into ways of thinking and acting that we use in situations of living and surviving in nature. The seminars include group experiential activities (indoors or in nature) to fully harmonize theory and practice.

We draw experience from the most difficult "opponent", nature.
  • Targeting objectives (individual goals and objectives of morality).
  • Goal management.
  • Search for laws about human capabilities (limits.)
  • Alternative plan design and target redefinition (plan B).
  • Change tactical rather than strategic plan.
  • Unstable Factor (luck: is there?)
  • Crisis management (we fight with what we have).


Surviving in a "hostile" environment, you learn to appreciate your abilities and the capabilities of your associates.


The experience of offshore sailing helps us to understand the importance of team ties and the necessity of the hierarchy.
The difference in paper path and actual path is understood.


When you are in the air with a parachute or a helicopter, time is a factor that has the absolute and decisive role. Changing budget tactics or making decisions regardless of the outcome (!).

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