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Team Building

Adrenaline team-work activities combine recreation, cooperation and plenty of adventure. We are continually discovering and developing new activities, always in accordance with current demands. No two days are alike. We record all your company's needs and together we develop the program of activities. Everything tailored to your specifications!

Special corporate programs

The purpose of the corporate retreats is to foster "team work" and facilitate cooperation for decision making in crucial situations, to promote competitive spirit and healthy competition, and improve relations among the executive staff. Choose the place... from within the pages of our catalogue. Choose the time... in accordance with your schedule. Choose the activities... from the many we propose to you. Do you have new ideas?... We can implement them!
Many conclusions and presumptions are made for and by everyone while participating in the games and activities facilitated by Adrenaline. When a team faces difficulties and intense competition, the members of the team tend to bond with one another and get to know each other in a way that they would never have under normal circumstances. The team members' abilities to adapt to various "game" situations or intense activity is available for observation during these situations. Whereas, «...during a business dinner, the participants are pleasant, friendly and always willing to chat and compliment...».

«...Regarding the same people, but being situated in the woods, trying to construct a small bridge (with limited equipment and in limited time), we will notice that they behave differently. While working with them within this limited amount of time, we will uncover personalities and situations that are useful and productive for all..." The sure thing is that our team-building activities and your collaboration with Adrenaline are extremely enjoyable no matter how often you like to repeat them.

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