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These activities are designed to melt the ice that may originally occur between our guests especially if we are in a two-day or three-day work. They are mild, they do not last long and they group us pleasantly by preparing the ground for the main program of activities.

Icebreaker Games

Photography Contest

Players receive digital cameras and a data card with the themes of the contest. The themes may include objects, abstract notions, or specific persons. The theme may even not be defined for you. Whatever it is, the photography contest requires imagination and good humour... the trophies await!

Crazy Bakers

We will turn you into bakers! We divide your people into teams. Everyone receives an apron branded with your logo, baker's hats, and all the tools necessary to make bread. After a quick bread baking seminar, the race begings. The winning team has not only the best-looking bread, but foremost, the best-tasting bread!

Space Egg

We give materials and one egg to each team. The team has to construct a "cockpit" which will allow us to launch the egg without it breaking. We first weigh the egg and then the special construction with the egg in it, and we subtract the egg weight from the construction's weight.


All members of the team are blindfolded. The facilitator of the game gives the end of a rope (approximately 20 meters long) to a member of the team without naming who it is. The team must now create a perfect square using its members and the rope within a limited amount of time.

A Dozen of Questions

It is not just strength and stamina that decides the winner... Here we have a surprise for our guests. When everyone is tired and the tension is high, we give the teams questions of a historical or geographical nature limited amount of time in which to answer.

Couples for Ever

The members of a team are tied together by twos by their wrists as if they are wearing handcuffs. They try to escape... but there's only one way.

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