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These activities last longer (from 3 to 4 hours) and are usually, a separate and autonomous event. For example, the Rock Band, which is our invention with great success since 2012, or the Spy Game which can be played in a building or throughout Attica with Mini Cooper as a sequel to the amazing: The Italian Job !

Rock Band

The last word in team events is called Rock Band! We supply the costumes, wigs, accessories and the makeup artist. We set the stage with real musical instruments and a real concert sound system!!

The players do lip-syncing and are judged on presentation and interpretation!!! There is a sound technician and light technician and special smoke effects! Players, with the help of a performer, sing pieces from Deep Purple, Kiss, Guns & Roses, Van Halen and so many other famous rock groups! Rock Band nights are Rockin' nights!! Are you ready for this?!

The Dance Battle!

Another of our inventions is: The Dance Battle!

We provide: uniforms, wigs, accessories, we bring special makeup artists, set up a stage with dance floor, lights and audio concert. The groups are rated in the stage presence, musicality and performance of the choreography. There is a sound engineer, a light technician, a presentation training specialist and smoke or fireworks effects! Our choreographer will teach you specific choreographies but of course you can enrich or even simplify them. We will play tracks such as: Staying Alive, Ice Ice Baby, YMCA, Grease, Abba etc ...

More Special Team Building Events

Battle Track

Here things get tough! We can set up everywhere the Battlestage Always according to your needs and requirements. But we do not overdo it! The time here plays a decisive role and there are penalties, so pay attention to the given instructions.

Tv 70's GAME

This game is played in a television show style. The group is divided into several groups. Half our guests become the audience and the other half are divided into two teams that compete in «knock-out» games.

Theme Parks

For the past two decades, we have been setting up theme parks for activities in hotel or property areas. Our parks include activities for children and adults, executives and employees as well as their families.

Treasure Hunting

Every team takes a medium size box which includes both the rules of the game and the relevant questionnaire. The treasure hunt can be played in two different ways: 1. We give the box to the participants upon their arrival and it lasts until the last day, or 2. We give the box to the participants at a specific time on a specific day and we take it back at a specific day and time.

Crazy Cookers

We give you all the tools. Ready? Let's go! Cooking is magic and demands desire, love, and organization. If the team members fulfill the requirements... it will be revealed in the taste!

Escape Room

Group members will try to break the puzzles, find key words, find information, phone, codes, and try to get out of a specially customized room! When they come out, other troubles (secret) will be waiting for them.


Τhe missions that will be undertaken by the teams will be based on their working environment. In an organization or company people take over various missions while the main mission is the same for everyone.

Communication Breakdown

We supply the team with various communications apparati - telephone, wireless UHF, telegraph, makeshift mechanisms, etc... We split the team, or teams, into sub-teams and give each a specific message from a starting point that should reach the end without being cut off or stopped at any time. This is a very interesting and fun excercise in communication for people of our society today.

Spy Game

The spy game is an alternative option. The participants will have in their hands a "real" scenario to follow and, of course, the appropriate equipment to participate.

The Italian Job

This Spy Game is modeled on elements of the famous Hollywood movie adventure The Italian Job with characters ... you! With Mini Cooper we drive and search for items and people, disguised links or not, with special cars, in strange places, with tricky codes and unexpected upsets!


Our first helicopter campaign in Greece was organized by us in conjunction with the Dekelia Flight Club on April 22, 2007 at Lake Plastira with 15 helicopters and over 40 guests. Grand events with helicopters including aerial photographs and air transportation are always conducted under the best conditions. Helicopters may support spy games or mission games.

Mountain Adventures

All of Adrenaline's activities intended for the forest may be categorized here. We will secure for you constructive and pleasant hours in the forest and on the tall mountains of our country, while always keeping in mind our motto of «safety first» and respect for our environment. Activities that we usually organize and are most popular are tour-hikes, orienteering, mountain biking, and mission or spy games.

Inflatable Open Sea Speed Boats

We can organize special sea campains with inflatable open sea speed boats 9 to 10 meters in length. We have a fleet of 10 boats at your disposal tha will fit up to 90 passengers for short distances or 50 passengers for longer distances.


Adrenaline studies and revives activities from the ancient times. The friktoria is a form of communication from those times that has been applied to many of our events leaving our guests enthusiastic after their participation in the message transmission through light.

Hunting our Senses

Hunt your six senses. We set up six areas around the place we find ourselves, whether it is a city or village, a mountain or the sea, or even inside a building. These six areas relate to our senses: hearing, touching, tasting, seeing, smelling and also a sixth sense. The teams race to have time experience each area. At the end there is a surprise. You must find the words to describe your experience. The sensory hunt is an Adrenaline creation (1998).

Mud lovers

The four-wheel-drive experience with us is exceptional. We very carefully select our routes so as to minimize any disturbance of the natural environment. We offer routes that last from one hour to many days depending upon your wishes, either with our vehicles or with rented vehicles. Expect to get dirty!

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