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How We Start

We separate you into groups with beautiful scarfs of different colors that remain to you as a gift.

How We Play

We play the Team Building Fun Games in three ways


  • This refers to points of activity that are dispersed within an area through which each team passes using it's own tactics. Time is a very important factor, but more important is for the team to pass with best score and tactical move. Therefore, we give the team a map and directions and with their own free will they try to complete the tasks. Each team has the option of passing or not passing through each point. It becomes obvious that before we start it is good to spare a little time to understanding the tactical movement plan. It will ultimately save from trouble (at all levels).

Teams vs Teams

In this style of play the teams are pitted against each other in a tournament situation. There is a contest in the beginning in which the teams select their opposing team. Endless battles on beaches, forests, and auditoriums. Most of our activities may be conducted in this way.

Revolving System

  • We divide our guests into teams that are the same number as the activities. All the teams pass through every activity station and the movement of teams between the stations is synchronized. There are awards and gifts that are given with the results. The above system is perfect when we want to expose all participants to the same subjects.

What we play

See all the above activities

Navy Seals!

Training in the Special Forces is not an easy task!

The Great Wooden Puzzle

The Big Wooden Puzzle is our own construction where the team is asked to link the pieces of a large Puzzle or Tangra at a specific time.

Flying Rescuers

First aid needs to reach the person in need quickly. The rescue material arrives with a parachute, but all the supplies are scattered in space.


The amazing sport of archery with the most modern means becomes a team game excellent for all occasions. The teams have a certain number of arrows to target as much as they can.

Shooting with Infrared

With modern weapons dummies completely harmless, we can shoot in a closed or open space at any distance to electronic targets that give us immediate score and excellent sound. Shooting using infrared weapons can become even more competitive by using close and distant targets.

Happy Train

We give the team balls and everyone is in touch with them as it is the link with all the members of our team. How many cycles we will be able to accomplish without dropping a ball ... we will see it in the end.


The members of the group are holding hands in a circle. However, they have a circular wreath and now they have to carry it only with movements of their bodies several times around their circle.

The Earth Circle

A cone in the middle and a ball of tennis but our distance 2 meters ... a demanding activity that only if we work as a team we have hope ....

Leaking Bucket

Our ingenuity in games will never stop as much as you can and you want to play! Here we have a large pot of about one hundred liters and your team has a number of weird tools and aids to fill it with water from a certain distance. If you have to make a human bridge or if someone has to run, you will have to decide it. But we have to tell you that our pot is full of holes!!

Building Blocks

Small plastic blocks are in hundreds and your team is called to build a tall tower or bridge to join the buildings of other groups or to work together to build a piece of a great project. Wear helmets work starts!

Hula Hoop

All the members of the team must blindfold their eyes except for the one who is the team captain. A long line is created by each team player having his/her right leg tied the next teammate's left leg. The team captain must guide his team through rows of hula hoops without any of the participants touching the edge of a hula hoop or walking outside of the hula hoops.

Crazy Bakers

We will turn you into bakers! We divide your people into teams. Everyone receives an apron branded with your logo, baker's hats, and all the tools necessary to make bread. After a quick bread baking seminar, the race begings. The winning team has not only the best-looking bread, but foremost, the best-tasting bread!


Those of us who live in cities find ourselves far removed from the daily process of living and surviving in our natural environment. Therefore, when we find ourselves in a survival situation against our will, things tend to get tougher and tougher.

Beach Fun Games

Beaches, especially in the summer, are the perfect location for fun activities and games. Beach volley ball, Bucket with a Hole, sea rafting, floating with children's floatie toys, and many more!!! A barbecue and relaxation always follow.

12 Labours of Hercules

We divide our guests into teams named after the gods and heroes of Greek Mythology. Each team receives a map with 12 areas marked (as many as the labors of Hercules) through which they must pass.

Photography Contest

Players receive digital cameras and a data card with the themes of the contest. The themes may include objects, abstract notions, or specific persons. The theme may even not be defined for you. Whatever it is, the photography contest requires imagination and good humour... the trophies await!

Point of Evaluation Bearing and Distance

The team must observe certain points and objects and evaluate the distance and the bearing.


We can rappel from just about anywhere by using the appropriate climbing equipment. We'll help you get over your fears!!!

River Traverse

The team has a 50 meters climbing rope and three logs of 2 and 2,5 meters. A tree from the area may also be used to tie one end of the rope. Using this equipment and the help of one member of the team on the other side of the river (or alleged river), the rest of the team has to pass over, without getting wet.

Car Factory

The team has a 50 meters climbing rope and three logs of 2 and 2,5 meters. A tree from the area may also be used to tie one end of the rope. Using this equipment and the help of one member of the team on the other side of the river (or alleged river), the rest of the team has to pass over, without getting wet.

Space Egg

We give materials and one egg to each team. The team has to construct a "cockpit" which will allow us to launch the egg without it breaking. We first weigh the egg and then the special construction with the egg in it, and we subtract the egg weight from the construction's weight. The Adrenaline Leader will launch the egg. The winner is the team whose egg is not broken. If there are a lot of eggs unbroken then the lightest "cockpit" wins. Success is not only the construction of the cockpit but also the time and the cost of the materials.

A Bridge too Far

The team must pass through various obstacles in a limited amount of time by using different materials such as boards, ropes etc. This is an activity that demands team spirit and synergy, making it obvious that it is not enough to have strategy and decisiveness, but also team work and an effort to make our ideas understood by our team members.


All members of the team are blindfolded. The facilitator of the game gives the end of a rope (approximately 20 meters long) to a member of the team without naming who it is. The team must now create a perfect square using its members and the rope within a limited amount of time.

Team on Building

This is one of the most difficult activities. We give the team 6 logs, gloves, ropes and 4 minutes. Now they must build something on which 2 members of the team must swing from for at least 10 seconds with 1 meter distance from the ground!!!

Kwai Bridge

Within a time limit, the team must construct a small bridge using specific materials. When time is up, the teams will be awarded points based not only on the stage at which their bridge is, but also for the way the group worked together.

Orient Express

The team must move with synchronized steps on wooden planks as if it were one person. This is an activity that is clearly characterized by teamwork. If one person does not do well, the whole team does not do well.

Blind Da Vinci

One member of the team is blindfolded and tries to draw a specific subject under the direction of the rest of his/her teammates. The «artist» must listen to the orders of his/her colleagues and have complete trust in their judgement. An exhibition may follow this activity to display the «art work.»

The Love Boat

On a wooden plank an entire team must balance itself without speaking and, of course, without touching one of the ends of the board to the ground. The team must remain balanced for at least 10 seconds.

Air Traffic Control

There are two ropes hanging parallel to each other alarm bells on them. The members of the team must pass between the ropes through the air in only a few minutes! If a bell sounds the person passing is removed from the game. Two persons will remain on the one side of the playing field and the rest on the other. How does this happen?

A Dozen of Questions

It is not just strength and stamina that decides the winner... Here we have a surprise for our guests. When everyone is tired and the tension is high, we give the teams questions of a historical or geographical nature limited amount of time in which to answer. After an archery game or after a mission in the forest it is not so simple to answer questions about the battle of Plataeon or to find the height of Mount Olympus.

Memory Test

In front of the Adrenaline facilitator will be a base upon which there will be placed various objects covered by a tent. The player will observe these objects just for ten seconds and after that, he has to remember as many as he/she can.

Just a Cup Please

In the centre of the designated area there is an empty cup. The team must fill the empty cup using a watering can and two ropes. This exercise takes imagination...

Communication Breakdown

We supply the team with various communications apparati - telephone, wireless UHF, telegraph, makeshift mechanisms, etc... We split the team, or teams, into sub-teams and give each a specific message from a starting point that should reach the end without being cut off or stopped at any time. This is a very interesting and fun excercise in communication for people of our society today.

Via Ferratta

Using special equipment, we set small air bridges between two trees at a low height that does not exceed two meters. We usually add difficulty by giving the team a special mission (e.g. carrying a water tank to the other side).

Couples for Ever

The members of a team are tied together by twos by their wrists as if they are wearing handcuffs. They try to escape... but there's only one way.

Blind Way

The members of the team are blindfolded and must move within a cordoned-off pathway to find a treasure. However, there is a mine field they must avoid to safely reach the treasure. One member of the team is outside of the the pathway and can direct the others, but the others must remain silent. * This game can be played by two teams simultaneously on opposite playing fields so that we create a «race» to finish first.


The team tries to drive a 4x4 vehicle through a very odd course. Attached to the front of the vehicle is a pole, and the driver, with the help of his team must score points by touching as many of the signs as possible with the pole.

Tennis Club

An unbelievable game with flying tennis balls whereby the team tries to serve using the vehicle!

Vehicle Tow

Here we're talking about ultimate strength. The rules have changed and the moving force will, literally, be human. Are you a team? Prove it.

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